computer games online with friends

Games, sometimes, are best experienced with a friend fastest car on gta online or two by your side. These games in particular are more than just another way of keeping yourself entertained, and will put your friendships to the test in some cases (It Takes Two, Irsquo;m looking at you). Whether your thing is gunning down hordes of monsters, building a beautiful farm together, or simply trying to survive, we've delved into some of the best co-op games of all time to convince your pals to explore. Read More: Best VR Headsets Portal 2 is one of the best coop games with its tight platforming, precise physics, and portal gun gameplay. The sequel to the beloved Portal introduces new characters, a dedicated coop campaign, and new mechanics. In its multiplayer campaign, you play as two robot friends who are tasked to solve puzzles with two portal guns. It’s tons of fun, especially if you like solving puzzles with friends. Moreover, it’s available on PS3, Xbox 360/One, and PC.