if a minor inherits real estate and wants to sell it who has to sign real estate test

The main benefit of waiving the home inspection contingency is that the seller might like your offer better than an offer requiring a home inspection. In addition, buying a home without an inspection can be a much faster process because you do not have to wait on an inspector's report. You also may not have to go through the process of asking the seller to fix the various issues found in the inspector's report. The court may enter bitcasino io bonus code judgment in favor of one of the parties, or it may schedule another hearing if more information is needed. The tenant (lessee) has the same rights against the new owner (grantee) as s/he had against the original owner (grantor).&; However, the lease would be controlling.&; Read the lease carefully to see if it says anything about the tenant’s rights after the landlord sells the property.&; If the lease says nothing about a sale of the property, then the VRLTA applies and the tenant has all the rights usually granted by the law and the lease.