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This site is a joke. All legitimate players know this! Definitely feels like youre playing a video game. Very very often youll have mathematically improbable finishes to hands (two outs that hit). We8217;ve never seen so many double paired boards and river flush draws that hit. The algorithm is flawed and they have the nerve to imply its just bad luck! We thought full houses and quads were supposed to be difficult hands to make but sometimes we see 6 to 7 a night. Take time and read how the company blatantly dismisses the obvious issues they have with this app. And swear up and down about the integrity you can check here of the shuffle, its hilarious. Do yourself a favor and save your money for a real poker game. Other interesting payment channels that you might not be familiar with are Resorts Cage, which refers to showing up at Resorts Casino with cash in hand; PokerStars Play+ Card, which is a type of prepaid card tied to your PokerStars account; PayNearMe, a system whereby you can make a deposit at 7-Eleven stores throughout New Jersey; and VanillaDirect, which is supported at more than 50,000 retail locations around the country and lets you bring cash to a location and have it reflected in your PokerStars balance.