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Important note: You will notice that, more often than not, two different types of ads can overlapmdash;an ad can be both a banner ad and a type of video ad, while another can be a video ad as well as a rich media ad. But to not overcomplicate this guide, wersquo;re listing down the five most essential types you should be aware of. The Google Display Network is a collection of over 200 million sites, apps, and videos where your Google ads can appear. As this network reaches 90% of global internet users, joining will greatly increase how to delete a topic in google news the number of eyes on your ads. Theory can only take you so far. Let’s explore different types of display ads launched by big and successful companies and learn from their experiences. In this part, we will go over a few examples of display advertising that showcase different strategies you can choose to highlight the advantages of your brand and product.