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A good actuary requires a multidisciplined education in fields such as mathematics, economics, finance, statistics, risk management, psychology and professionalism non stem subjects and ethics. It takes a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge and understanding of human behaviour to design and manage programmes that control risk and guarantee sufficient funds for the insurance and pension sectors. Actuaries have traditionally worked mostly in the life assurance and pensions industries but are increasingly moving into wider fields, where they can employ their multidisciplined approach. The course also opens up options to work in finance, investment and trading. HELPFUL INTRO COURSES: In May 2021 the SOA Board of Directors approved a revision to the curriculum for candidates pursuing an ASA designation. We are making changes to the ASA curriculum to meet employer and market demand for actuarial training, in particular the need for increased data analytics coverage and new ldquo;soft skillsrdquo; training in adaptability, change (AQ or Adaptability Quotient) and emotional intelligence (EQ or Emotional Intelligence Quotient.)