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Best of Hidden Object Value Pack Volume 10 - Experience 4 top hidden object adventures in this pack! Your journey to find the answer to every mystery will continue every time you have successfully found all the artifacts needed to get unlocked. The best tip that we could give is to be meticulous in finding the objects in every place in Hidden City. The game will even be more fun when you play it along with your friends. © 2007-2012 PC-Games4Free.Com. All rights reserved Download pc games for free.nbsp; Each picture presents check my site a scene, usually a very cluttered one, with lots of distracting items and details thrown in. Amongst the jumble of junk, the items you need are carefully hidden away. You’ll have a list of items, or a panel showing the silhouettes of the things you need to find. Search the image and collect all of the items on your list. Found items will vanish, allowing you to clear up the scene little by little.