yesterday's lottery drawing

The Michigan Lottery also provides a range of Fast Cash and Pull Tab games. Some can be played online. Ticket for the Michigan lottery Club Keno starts from $1.00 and drawing is schedule to take place every few minutes, seven days a week, from 6:00am to 1:59am. For each Club Keno drawing, prize tables are released on the official website of Michigan State lottery at prizes paid for a $1 wager. For players who wager more than $1, their payouts are calculated by multiplying these prize payouts provided in the prize tables by the amount they wagered per drawing. Let’s discuss some other important concepts peculiar to the Michigan lottery Club Keno. Lotteries are played every day in sthreesakthi lottery Michigan, so to avoid missing out on a chance to win, use the schedule below to check when the drawings are for your favorite game, plus what time ticket sales close.